The team

We work with an uncompromising attitude to give our customers the best possible value for their investment.

Our way of work


Our team members are professionals and experts in their field of work with decades of experience throughout the production pipeline.

Uncompromising attitude

We pay attention to customer needs and visions in every phase of project.

Plug and play

Reliable and open communication

We do what we promise and we believe in our work.

Respect icon


Our cornerstone of values is co-operation together with customers, partners and our team members.

Our team

Pipeline Media Jukka Keski-Loppi

Jukka Keski-Loppi


Pipeline Media Emmi Perintö

Emmi Perintö

Sales and marketing

Pipeline Media Jenni Hiljanen

Jenni Hiljanen

Design and installing

Pipeline Media Jori Haara

Jori Haara

Systems expert

Pipeline Media Jouni Sorja

Jouni Sorja

Design and projects

Pipeline Media Jukka Hyvärinen

Jukka Hyvärinen

Systems expert