Vetrospace VirtualSpace

world’s first single-user virtual studio.

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What is VirtualSpace?

VirtualSpace is the world’s first single-user virtual studio. VirtualSpace technology is based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and Zero Density virtual platform, which is widely used in television and film production today. The same technology is used in VirtualSpace and VR control has been introduced as a user-friendly part of the VirtualSpace interface.


  • cost-effective, yet professional freestanding media production space
  • The virtual studio can be used to create high-quality corporate communications and, for example, product launches where even large products can be modelled virtually for presentation in the studio
  • HD quality video and top sound quality, studio lighting, recording capabilities and live streaming capabilities.
  • can be used independently without heavy traditional technology construction
  • interface is intuitive and easy-to-use
  • The user can choose to bring their own laptop and content and connect to the system securely on video and audio level.
  •  safe and healthy environment
  • Fully compatible with all teleconferencing applications, so it can also be used as part of Teams, Meet or Zoom meetings.