VetroSpace MediaSpace

MediaSpace product family is designed to be customized to different needs. The studios are fit for variety of productions. Here are few examples:

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Chroma Studio

Chroma Studio is a transferable greenscreen studio for on-site interviews. For example, the interviewee can be superimposed as a part of a virtual studio live. Ceiling microphone provides high quality audio and there is no need for time-consuming lavalier-hooking. Intercom makes two-way communication between the studio and interviewee possible.

  • Needs only one operator
  • Interviewee is superimposed from the field straight to the studio
  • Two-way communication with intercom
  • The image is streamed straight to the studio over IP
  • Remote controllable
  • Anti-microbic air conditioning and sound proofed
  • Transferable

Simultaneous Interpretation Suite

This studio grade sound proofed space is designed specially for simultaneous interpretation, where wordless communication between the interpreters is crucial. We added a glass panel between the two studios so interpreters can signal each other information. Anti-microbic air conditioning with HEPA-filters provide comfortable working conditions even for extended perioids of time.

  • Two sound proofed workspaces
  • Unobstructed view between the interpreters
  • Video monitoring
  • Integratable to already existing system
  • Transferable
  • Customizable for other purposes

Commentary Studio

Designed especially for commentary, this studio space has room for two commentators. It has two monitors for main and assisting views and a touchscreen for operating the hardware. A camera and lights can also be installed, expanding the potential use of the studio further. In addition to commentary, the space can be used for video and audio editing, podcast recording or remote meetings.

  • Two monitors
  • Touchscreen
  • Multi-purpose studio space
  • Transferable
  • Integratable to existing systems